Beard Oil

How Much Beard Oil Should You Use?

In the world of grooming, there's an essential tool that can transform your beard from unruly to refined: beard oil. This wonderful product not only adds a healthy sheen to your facial hair but also keeps your skin moisturized and prevents itchiness. It can have you looking and feeling your best. Especially when using all natural ingredients like we take pride in here at Free Born Beard & Supply Co, and that goes even for our fragrances with 100% essential oils. However, too much of a good thing can be bad and a common question among bearded individuals is, "How much beard oil should I use?" The answer isn't one-size-fits-all; it depends on variables like your beard type and length. In this blog, we'll explore the nuances of applying beard oil to achieve the best results, regardless of the kind of beard you sport.

Before we take a look at the amount of beard oil to use, let's understand why it's a grooming must-have. Beard oil contains a blend of carrier oils and essential oils that nourish both your beard and the skin beneath it. These oils nourish your skin, preventing the dreaded beard dandruff while maintaining the health and appearance of your facial hair.

1. Tailoring Beard Oil Quantity to Beard Types

a. Beard Density - the more dense and full your beard is, the more beard oil you will use
b. Skin Type - the more oily your skin is, the less beard oil you will use.

2. Matching Beard Oil Quantity to Beard Lengths

a. Short Beards (0-3 months aka still wraps to the face):
For shorter beards, the focus should be on conditioning the skin beneath. Start with a couple drops of beard oil in your palm and then gently work it into your beard. Since shorter beards are less likely to absorb excessive oil, there's no need to use more than necessary. Use a brush to finish spreading the product and styling your beard. At this stage the brushing will also add exfoliation to promote beard growth and further prevent beardruff.

b. Medium-Length Beards (3-12 months aka 1.5 - 6 inches from the bottom lip):
As your beard grows, so should the amount of beard oil. The sebum oil you are naturally producing is being leached away from the face and down the beard. This causes beard itch, beard dandruff, and a brittle feeling beard. Begin with 5 drops on the shorter end and up to 20 drops on the longer end, ensuring that you're reaching both your skin and the hair strands. Rub the oil between your palms and distribute it evenly throughout your beard. Use a comb to finish spreading the product and styling your beard.

c. Long Beards (12+ months aka 6+ inches from the bottom lip):
Longer beards require careful attention to avoid dry, brittle hair. Begin with 20 drops and go up the longer your beard is, warming the oil between your palms before gently massaging it into your beard. Make sure to get the oil deep into your beard, reaching the skin underneath. Use a comb to finish spreading the product and styling your beard.

3. The Test

Wait 30 minutes after applying just beard oil and run your hand(s) over the outside and/or underside of your beard. If your hand is oily afterwards from your beard, you used too. If you beard is totally dry and feels itchy by that time, you either did not use enough or you used a beard oil that is not right for you. In that case, either add some more beard oil to your beard or try a quality beard oil like the beard oil from Free Born!

Ultimately, the perfect amount of beard oil varies depending on your beard's thickness, length, and many other personal variables. By tailoring your application technique to these variables, you can achieve a healthy, well-groomed beard that's an expression of your unique style. Remember, experimentation is key. Start with a conservative amount, and gradually adjust until you find the ideal balance between a nourished beard and a confident you.

So, whether you're sporting a short, stubbly beard or a magnificent, flowing mane, the right amount of beard oil will help you maintain a beard that's not only a statement but also a testament to your grooming prowess. Life's too short for ordinary beards.