Core Values

Our Core Values

Rugged Individualism: We champion the spirit of self-reliance and bold individuality. Great men change their world rather than adapting to it.

Honor & Integrity: Our word is our bond, honesty is the backbone of every decision we make and every product we create.

Hard Work & Grit: The bedrock of our character is the willingness to put in the effort, face adversity, and persevere. We believe in the inherent value of hard work and the growth it brings.

Respect: We believe that all men should behave with respect, for ourselves and others, taking responsibility for our own actions.

Simplicity: We focus on what truly matters. This means finding strength in simplicity, appreciating the basics, and stripping away the unnecessary.

Community & Brotherhood: We are part of a brotherhood of bearded men who share common values, and we stand by each other.

Masculinity: Strength is not a choice, it's an obligation.