Who We Are

Free Born Beard & Supply Co

Our Mission

We are dedicated to creating the highest quality beard care products without compromise.

Our products are crafted solely from ingredients attainable in the wilderness, giving you a healthy, powerful beard without settling.

Our Story

As a husband and father, I realized that most of the products in our home were not made with our health in mind. We set out to begin replacing everything we could with better options.

In 2021, while searching for a new beard oil, frustrated by the lack of truly natural options, I decided to create my own. Thus, our journey began, driven by a fury for integrity and exceptional quality.

Our Commitment

We're committed to only sourcing the highest quality ingredients, so you can rest assured your hard-earned money is well spent.

We only use truly wild ingredients. Never using artificial fragrance oils or other synthetic materials in our products. When we say 'all-natural' we mean it.

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Our Origin

My family has been in business together since 1990. My parents opened our first retail store in Wichita, Kansas selling supplements and exercise equipment. Ever since I was a kid my dad was always very clear about how we were going to do business. We're in business to treat people right. To offer the best service and the highest quality products to fit their needs. We only wanted to recommend products that we would use ourselves.

Thanks to those guiding principles, we've grown to almost a dozen retail stores as well as manufacturing our own supplements.

I've had a beard for about a decade now, and over the last several years I became fascinated by beard oils. I've probably spent thousands of dollars trying different ones out. When I decided to start eliminating synthetic fragrances from my life, I found out there wasn't many options in the beard world. Since the FDA doesn't currently regulate the term 'all-natural' many companies will claim to be natural, but when I looked at their formulas, I noticed many were still using synthetic fragrances.

That's when I decided to create my own. Those guiding principles 33 years later are still just as relevant today. I've enjoyed crafting these products and I hope you enjoy them as well. - Ryan