Need some help choosing your next scent? Look no further! We’ve created a guide to our amazing scent profiles.


Warm Sandalwood + Refreshing Cypress + Brisk Wintergreen

Hiking through the mountains, surrounded by forest, the fresh woody aroma cuts through the crisp winter air. You might even notice a hint of black licorice.


Smooth Sandalwood + Aged Wood of Frankincense

This bright blend is a drive down a country road. Windows rolled down, wind blowing in, the warmth of the sun with a hint of citrus.


Bold Cedarwood + Earthy Rosemary + spicy and Warm Clove

This bold blend transports you to the American West, telling tales of duels under sun-scorched skies.


Aged Wood of Frankincense + Sturdy warmth of Atlas Cedar + Sharp Cypress

Timeless and masculine. Reminiscent of an old log cabin deep in a pine forest. This complex blend opens with warm aged wood that is reinforced with a smooth earthy finish.


Fresh Peppermint + Smooth Sandalwood

Venture into the woods, feel the crunch of the leaves with each step, inhale the crisp cool air.


No Added Scent

For those who seek to conquer their day unencumbered by fragrance, grounded in the confidence of their own natural presence.